• Former legislative intern at the State House office of William N. Brownsberger,  the former State Representative and current State Senator from Belmont.

  • Currently serving my second consecutive term as an elected Belmont Town Meeting Member from precinct 6.

  • Deep roots in the communities of the 24th Middlesex District.
    • Mother Joan (Kennefick) is a native of Arlington where she served as an elected town meeting member before moving to Belmont.
    • Father Bob is a native of North Cambridge and the current Assessing Administrator in Cambridge. In addition he is an elected Assessor in Belmont, and has been an elected Town Meeting Member for over 20 years.
    • Sister Siobhan is a lifelong Belmont resident. She is a coach for the Belmont Dolphins Swim Team and active in the Cambridge Special Olympics. Recently, she completed student teaching assignments in the Arlington Public Schools and a Belmont LABBB (special education collaborative) classroom.
    • Uncle Gerry is a native of North Cambridge and chief of the Cambridge Fire Department.
    • Aunt Anna and Cousins Valerie, Brian and Cheryl are all natives of

       East Arlington.

    • Grandmother Kay Reardon is a lifelong resident of North Cambridge.
    • The corner of Shea Rd and Massachusetts Ave. in North Cambridge is  named in honor of my late grandfather William H. Reardon.

  • Graduate of Bentley University with a BS in Business Management and a minor concentration in Law.

  • Former President of Bentley University Commuter Students Association and Vice- President of Bentley Class Cabinet (Student Governing Body).

  • Graduate of the Belmont Public Schools.
  • Involved in many local youth sports programs:

o   Coach of both the Belmont Dolphins and Cambridge Sea  

                           Dawgs Swim Teams.

o   Have been both a referee or umpire for the following local youth sports   


          • Belmont Youth Baseball
          • Belmont Youth Basketball Association
          • Belmont Soccer Association
          • Belmont Second Soccer
          • Belmont Softball
          • North Cambridge Little League
          • West Cambridge Little League