Contribute and Get Involved:

Running a campaign is a lot of work and I can't do it alone. I need your help in order to make this a successful campaign and below are a few ways that you can get involved. 

1) Dear friend cards:
  • Send a note to your friends and relatives asking them to vote for Bobby. We have the cards, all you need to do is personalize them. For more information please contact us either by phone at (617) 548 - 0255 or by e-mail at

2) Volunteer:
  • There are a number of tasks both large and small that I could use help with. If you would be willing to volunteer in any way please contact me either by phone at (617) 548 - 0255 or by e-mail at

3) Host a Coffee or Invite Bobby to an Event:
  • I want to meet as many people in the 24th Middlesex District as I can and hopefully earn their support. One great way for me to do this is by attending small events with your friends and neighbors.  If you are willing to host a coffee or bring me to an event please contact me.
4) Display a yard sign or bumper sticker:
  • Visibility is very important as I look to make people aware of my candidacy. A great way to help with this is by displaying a yard sign at your home or placing a bumper sticker on your car. If you would be willing to display either a yard sign or bumper sticker please contact me either by phone at (617) 548 - 0255 or by e-mail at
5) Encourage others to get involved:
  • Every vote is important to me so please encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to get involved and make it to the polls on election day. 
 6) Donate:
  • Monetary contributions are being accepted to help cover the cost of campaign related expenses. If you wish to make a donation you may mail it to the following:
The Committee to Elect Robert P. Reardon Jr 
73 Van Ness Rd
                                                                    Belmont, Ma 02478